Do you have to raise money like foreign missionaries do sometimes?

Yes, together with our U.S. Missions leaders we have put together a budget that is needed to accomplish the job before us. This budget includes the finances necessary to sustain us (myself and Kandy) as we work in areas where no other source of revenue is available. This is part of what makes our ministry fit in the area of Missionary Church Planting & Development with U.S. Missions. Because of this reality we are in need of financial support from those who are willing to help us.

Our budget not only provides the income that we need, but it also has to cover all our expenses for the work that we will do. Thus, the monthly budget is rather large as we have to cover basic expenses like equipment, rent, utilities, curriculum, and travel. As we train missionary church planters to go out we need to be resourced so that we can do the job well.

In order for us to go to work we need other people to join us through monthly Faith Promises just as our foreign missionaries do. Thus, we have been sent out to grow our Support Team, people who are committed to seeing the vision come to life and grow in the years ahead. God works through individuals like each of us to not only do the work, but to fund it as well.

This is probably one of the hardest parts of this entire venture. We realize how difficult it is to earn an income in this world and are humbled each time a person(s) chooses to share what they have earned with us. It amazes me how generous God’s people are and how committed they are to seeing people like us fulfill His call for our lives. Please know that missionaries, like us, appreciate each gift that is shared and recognize the sacrifice being made by those who give.

If you are interested in joining our Support Team please feel free to contact us so we can share more with you about the vision and how you can go with us.

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David Bennett