Serving as a Family on Mission: Babies are Contagious - by Kandy Bennett

Did you hear the news? 

Our third granddaughter, Vera Mildred, was born this past July 8th. She arrived about 5 weeks early … weighed in over 5 pounds … a good weight, yet she did not have the strength to be able to eat. She was placed in the infant care unit and had a stomach tube inserted. We prayed and God answered. A miracle happened when she was released exactly 1 week after her birth and was able to go home. Jared & Heidi and 3 year old big sister, Beatrice, rejoiced at the news!

Vera Mildred Bennett

Vera Mildred Bennett

Every time a baby is born into a family there is so much excitement, challenges, and big messes to clean up.  It’s no different with baby Christians.  Every gathering of believers who become a family to one another are excited when a Person of Peace (someone who does not know Jesus and is leaning in toward you and the Gospel story) is born into the family of God and becomes part of this Family on Mission. Everyone has a part to play in his/her life.

What causes churches to grow stale and start to decline?  There are no new spiritual babies to remind us of the joy of our salvation and the excitement of serving Jesus!  We need to reflect on the precious gift of salvation Jesus gave to us when we became part of His family.  It’s fun to train a new child as they grow.  How wonderful are their first steps and first words!  It is the same thing for disciples who help newly born disciples learn about this journey they are on to become more like Jesus.

Start on your journey of looking for a Person of Peace that God is sending your way. Get to know them; share God’s love with them; live Jesus in front of them. Invite other Christian friends to meet them. God never asked each disciple to bear the burden alone of leading someone to Christ.  

As a Family on Mission, a spiritual family, we are stronger together.  We are the living and breathing example Jesus mentioned when He said, “They will know you are My disciples by your love for one another.”  Bring others in close to experience the “communitas” or the spiritual bond that holds all spiritual families together!