NEW BIRTH: Mission (614) Church

After many prayers, the prompting of the Spirit, along with the confirmation of 3 individuals we decided to go ahead and do a soft launch of a new church startup in Clintonville (north central neighborhood of Columbus) this past fall.

We named this fledgling church Mission 614. The use of the (614) is for the area code of the greater Columbus area and part of Central Ohio. The word “mission” describes the call to action as Jesus sends us out to make disciples rather than being content with being a spectator or a consumer of spiritual goods. Most importantly, Mission 614 is the name we felt the Holy Spirit gave us for this new church startup. 


We (Kandy & David) are co-planting with Clayton & Debbie Garrison (team members who moved from Texas). Sharing the responsibility of Mission (614) enables both of us to continue developing Converge group as we continue to mobilize a missionary movement equipping people to develop church startups across the 27 communities of Central Ohio and beyond.Along with the Garrisons, we have other Core Team members who are integral to the birth of our new church:  Matthew & Kelly Wright and their 3 children (ages 6-12) and Zuzana Bohrer.

One of our church planters (Matt & Kayla Roberson) who joined Converge Group has a group of 15 or so gathering together (Blank Slate Community). He approached us and asked if we would consider joining our 2 groups together for Sunday morning worship services. We agreed and meet at a small art gallery Blank Slate has created, The Hart Room. It’s a space they rent in Old Gahanna and use for outreach into their community.  Soon we will need to find a space to rent that will fit 50+ people in the Clintonville area. The combination of finding space that works at a price we desire is a challenge. 


Fourteen of us gathered together (5 from our Clintonville project and 9 from Blank Slate) on Sunday morning, Nov. 5th, our first time together. David began to focus us on the reason we are creating this time of worship. He said, “Worship is the heart of discipleship as it directs our mind, heart, and spirit towards God, creating in us a love and reverence that grows us.” Worship causes us to want to get to know Jesus more and initiates our learning as it prompts us to move beyond where we are and to share Him with others. Worship aides us in honing the craft of discipleship in our lives as it creates a desire in us to know Him more and more.

At Mission (614) when we come together for this sacred time …

  • We celebrate what Jesus is doing in our lives and communities. 
  • We encourage not only through songs but also through prayer, stories, etc.
  • We challenge one another with the Truth of the Scriptures.
  • We exchange gifts with one another, which God has given to each of us: grace, mercy, hope, blessings, healing, wisdom, etc.
  • We recalibrate our lives around Jesus and the Gospel as we are reminded through songs, prophecy, teaching, miracles, and whatever gifts the Spirit has placed in you that Jesus is Lord!