Discovering the Pipeline

Every organization involved with new church startups has some sort of process to work through. At Converge Group we have opted to use a coach approach mixed into our discipleship opportunities as we mobilize a missionary movement.

Even though what we do is fairly different from almost anything else available (at least in the Assemblies of God Fellowship) there is nothing proprietary in our pipeline. Instead, we have borrowed from Paul as we follow the same basic process he set in place as the Early Church startup pipeline became a reality. 

Here is how it works for us …

  • Step One - we RECRUIT and look for men and women interested in doing church startups in a slightly different way. We bring people together who might normally never find one another and help them to form a team.
  • Step Two - we TRAIN as we take the time needed to disciple those interested in doing a church startup. We disciple and coach church planters by helping them make valuable connections in their thinking and friendships. And yes, we read books and discuss them regularly. We also assist church startups in launching the new work.
  • Step Three - we DEPLOY as we send out those we disciple into the marketplace where the fields are ripe unto harvest and let them go to work. We help our church activators work through the issues rather than simply providing an easy answer. You could say we help you figure out how to fish rather than do the fishing for you.
  • Step Four - we REVIEW … as we routinely create points of grace to look over where you’ve been, mixed with where you are going, so you can make those important adjustments to always be moving forward.

Once we have worked our way through the four steps the relationship doesn’t end. There’s more opportunity waiting if you want it. You can re-enter the pipeline at Step Two and do even more training and coaching.  It’s an incredible opportunity of discipleship mixed with our coach approach.


We would love to have an opportunity to chat with you about our pipeline and the costs involved for you and your team (if you wish) to work with us as we work to extend the reach of Christ’s kingdom a little bit further than it was before. We are better together!