Mobilizing a Missionary Movement: One Person at a Time

a bit more of our story…

Experiencing life as a missionary set in motion an unexpected major shift as we discovered a different approach to people, faith, and the lives we live.

Our hearts became so captured by a missionary approach to life and ministry we started sharing it with anyone who would pause to listen. And they did, people listened and asked us questions, many questions. They still do.

We quickly realized a need to know and understand more about living as a missionary who expresses their life through a missional philosophy. So we read more and put into motion what we learned as we learned it. We now had a better, more informed, help to share with others.

We set out on this adventure with the intention to simply train others in this new approach to life and ministry and discovered something much more. And we are, that is, discipling others in a missionary approach to life and ministry. We help both the leaders of established churches as they search for ways to reignite the congregations they lead and those who have the courage to adventure into doing a new church startup from a different approach.

The more we shared our journey the more people we found who fit this description. It was a much bigger job than we had anticipated. It had become about awakening the missionary heart in other followers of Jesus alongside of doing the same in the hearts of people who have never believed in God. We are mobilizing a missionary movement one person at a time as we share with them what the Holy Spirit has been teaching us.

Converge Group Coaching and Discipling Center is engaged in unearthing the latent potential in those around us to live out a missionary approach through a Missional-Incarnational-Impulse. We help people live sent in everyday ways as they join a missionary movement!

This is one more part of our story as it continues to grow and take shape. We hope it becomes part of your story through a convergence with us as the ideas take root in you and find a way of expression that gives these ancient truths a space to be lived out.

If you are interested in being part of a small group or cohort where you can learn how to live and minister as a missionary through a missional philosophy wherever you find yourself, let us know. Converge Group Coaching and Discipling Center offers opportunities for online and onsite groups. We would love the opportunity to share more our vision with you and see if it is a fit for your life.

David Bennett