Mobilizing a Missionary Movement: One Person at a Time - Part 2 of 3

a bit more of the story …

And it didn’t stop there, mobilizing a missionary movement is important and we love discipling others in a missionary approach. Our commitment to the original vision hasn’t wavered at all, we just added to it a bit. What we discovered as we moved forward was a need for a community of people who are following Jesus and practicing the principles we share with others

In less than a month we went from being completely focused on Converge Group Coaching and Discipling Center to a new startup community we refer to as Mission 614 … a community committed to mobilizing transformation through the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ as we create a network of new communities across the (614) area code of Central Ohio.

More specifically, Mission 614 is a small group of people who have decided we want something more costly than a gospel that caters to their own comfort and wants. We desire to take a risk and live a little more dangerously. We wanted to be part of a gospel story worth laying down our lives for and sharing what God has done in us with the people He sends us to rather than waiting for people to find their way to us.

This small group of people are some who joined our on-site Leadership Huddle in Columbus. Some moved here from as far away as Texas others came from the eastern part of Ohio and a few were already here in the city. These are a few christians who were willing to lay down their lives as they left good positions of ministry to join us.

Part of the push for this add-on to the new adventure came as a result of the people we were getting to know moving around in our new city. They are mostly people who didn’t attend a worship gathering of any kind having little, if any, experience with a church. We met so many people who showed interest in many of things Jesus said and did even though they know little to nothing about Jesus Himself.

Others had been in church and for different reasons were dropping out; most still loved Jesus but had been disenfranchised from an organizational religious experience. They did many of the things followers of Jesus do in everyday life while not being an active part of a particular church or community of people.

So it began … we started to form a community out of a group of people who didn’t know each other, but all knew us. A much more difficult task than we had thought it would be. Starting alone without a group of people walking with you is not a good idea and we learned very quickly the mistake we had made. We are so grateful for those who heard the vision and responded willing to take the risk to be part of something new we are creating as we go.

David Bennett